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De très loin la meilleure app du genre, toutes plateformes confondues. Bravo! Continuez! By far the best app of its kind, all devices included. Congrats! Keep up!

Perfect !

I just can see one good improvement : a cooool dark theme... :)

New version crashes with my iphone 4 and iOS 7

Just downloaded the last version thinking the problem with managing the list of downloads, but I sadly discovered this version wont start. Big flop, got all my podcasts in this app... The best for podcasts so far

Perfect podcast app!

Ive been using downcast for as long as I can remember and the app never ceased to improve I terms of intuitiveness, multi-device seamless coordination, and lifecycle management (what episodes to keep, for how long etc.) It is super easy to spread podcast urls to friends when todays episode is worth sharing. I also save my very favorites to Dropbox in just a couple of taps. The only downside of downcast is that its podcast files dont seem to be visible to iOS player (eg Sonos) that offer playing your iPad/iPhone music through their connected speakers. Playing Downcast over any AirPlay speaker works great of course. Try it, youll like it.

Last upgrade is a failure

Since the last upgrade, this morning, its impossible to play any podcast. Fix it quickly please because its a great app when its work.

Damn, bugs still there ! iOS10

Downcast doesnt work normally on iPhone & iPad. Graphic glitches displayed. Please fix it.

Swipe to delete?

I had to turn gestures back on in this upgrade but otherwise a nice integration with IOS 7.

Used to be good

It used to be a good app, now it is crashing all the time.

Excellent cost benefit ratio

After a few months trying Apples Podcast App I just give up. Downcast makes downloading, organizing and listening to podcasts easy and fun. I couldnt find a way to add new podcasts to an existing playlist. Thats the reason of the 4 stars. I definitely recommend !!!

Not working on IPhone 4

This new version (2.8.15) does not work on my IPhone 4 running the latest IOS7. I know you dropped support for IOS5, not sure why I was affected. Please fix this, Its a great app and I would love to keep using it.

Doesnt work

After last update, app doesnt even open anymore. Please, fix it as fast as possible, as it is my only podcast app.

Refresh schedule

Downcast is great, and has a well deserved reputation for being the most tweakable podcast app. But I miss one tweak thatd be very helpful: different refresh schedules for each podcast. Id like to set each podast to auto-refresh on a specific week day (ideally on a specific time too), because thats how most podcasts I listen to (and probably most in general too) are released. If thats not possible, an all encompassing auto-refresh with options beyond 24hs (like every 3 days ; every week), would already be helpful. Give us an update with that and Ill give downcast the 5th star. (Im sending this from an iPad but I use downcast only on my iPod Touch 5G iOS 6.3)

Great App

Great App... but wheres the Apple Watch version?

Chromecast pause

Chromecast pause all the time. The refresh doesnt work well.

The current version is freezing a lot

Even in my iPhone 6. Past versions were a lot more fluid.

It was one of the best podcast app, but now hide your podcasts, if theres a link in the podcast doesnt work in the downcasts browser. IVE PAID FOR THIS APP! CMOM DEVS, LETS WORK GUYS... UPDATE ASKING FOR TIPS ISNT A NEW FEATURE. SHAME ON YOU

Great app, full of options, lack silence skip

Please implement silence skip option (global and per podcast) to make Downcast more complete.

Best Podcast Player

I use this player since 2 years and in my eyes it is the best one! I love all the settings and the player functions like skipping and so on.


It is easy to use and it works great. I use Downcast since 3 years and i love it.

Useful App

The Podcast player of choice. Would be six stars if iCloud sync would work better, and if there was a simpler solution to reset. Also, I loathe the frequent crashes. Have been using it for years, and it is still buggy, despite many updates.

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